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Introducing the Flavors of Summer with Three Captivating Roses: Country Blues, Sweet Memory, and Green Romance

17 July 2023

As the summer season unfolds, Rosaprima is announcing the addition of three exquisite rose varieties to its collection. These vibrant roses will infuse any floral arrangement with a burst of color and elegance. Let us introduce you to Country Blues, Sweet Memory and Green Romance, the latest floral trends that promise to steal hearts and captivate your compositions.

Country Blues: A Captivating Garden-Like Rose

Prepare to be mesmerized by Country Blues, a rose that effortlessly steals the spotlight with its heart-shaped aperture and rich berry color. Its captivating garden-like appearance creates a delightful interplay of softness and depth, making it an absolute favorite among florists and a must-have for floral compositions. With its unique shape and striking hues, Country Blues lends a touch of boldness and elegance, ensuring it will become an instant classic.

Sweet Memory: A Medium Pink Beauty

Sweet Memory stands out as a medium-pink beauty in the realm of pink roses. With its generous petals and enduring vase life, this rose surpasses many of its counterparts. Bursting with elegance, this sweet rose is a tribute to its name and a remarkable component for a sophisticated floral piece. Sweet Memory is a testament to roses' elegance and timeless charm, making it an all-time essential.

Green Romance: A Rose that Dances with the Summer Winds

Embrace the season's freshness with Green Romancea rose with dainty petals that sway in the summer breeze. The delicate verdant hue of its petals mirrors the lush landscapes of the season, radiating freshness from the inside out. Green Romance brings a unique twist to traditional rose varieties and its presence will infuse any arrangement with natural beauty.

Whether you want to create a romantic table setting, a sophisticated installation, or add a touch of nature to your surroundings, these roses will be the must-go choice.

Embrace the summer season in the best way possible with these extraordinary new Rosaprima roses.